Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tips for a Fun and Sober New Year's Eve

For those of us who are sober, New Year’s Eve can be a slippery slope into relapse. The best solution, even if you have some recovery time under your belt, is to celebrate away from toxic environments filled with alcohol or drugs. 

Making plans now for a sober New Year’s Eve will help you avoid temptation and/or triggers, so you're sure to ring in the New Year the right way. 

Here are some fun, sober ideas to consider:
  • Go to a meeting marathon. Many local chapters of AA and NA hold meeting marathons on New Year’s Eve to help you strengthen your recovery during this tough time of year.
  • Sign up for a midnight race. You can even organize one of your own; an invigorating run around town is the perfect way to ring in the New Year. 
  • Gather some sober friends for a nice dinner out on the town. Call ahead to make sure that you’re not served a “complementary” champagne or brought out a wine list. 
  • Laugh in the New Year by going to a local comedy club. Again, you may need to call ahead so you’re not tempted with alcohol. 
  • Arrange an ice skating party with a few recovery peers.
  • Host a fun game night with some festive appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Take a weekend get-away with a sober loved one. Use this time to relax and reflect upon your recovery.
  • Give yourself a spa night and go to sleep early – even before the ball drops if that’s what your body craves.
  • Have a movie marathon accompanied with some popcorn and hot chocolate.
No matter what you choose to do, be prepared. If you plan to spend New Year’s in a place where alcohol is being served, for example, make sure to have a support system in place and to devise an exit strategy if you become uncomfortable.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and sober 2018! 

Preventing Relapse All Season 
A relapse only requires a moment of weakness; when the stresses of life overwhelm you, it’s easy to turn to your drug of choice in order to escape. Keeping relapse at bay is about cementing new habits and remaining accountable to the recovery support system – and we’re here to help. To learn more about our recovery residences, call today: 888-551-4725.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Winter Sober Fun in Santa Monica

There’s so much to experience in Santa Monica during the holiday season – and being sober is just part of the fun. Here are just a few fun activities to add to your winter to-do list. 
  • Go to the beach. While you won’t want to venture into the freezing water, you certainly can dive into a good book. Throw on a sweatshirt, pack a blanket and pick a spot to relax on the beach with an inspirational read.  
  • Lace up your ice skates. Every holiday season, Santa Monica transforms the corner of 5th Street and Arizona Avenue into a 8,000 square foot ice rink – perfect for getting a taste of winter without the frostbite. In fact, there are a handful of outdoor rinks in the LA-area that stay frozen through January and February. 
  • Take a hike. It’s the perfect season to climb into the hills – with no crowds and clear crystal skies. Just remember to dress in layers and be sure to take into account the fleeting daylight before setting out on your hike. 
  • Get your soup on. There’s nothing better than a bowl of ramen – or udon or miso or pho – to warm your bones on those 50 degree days. Call up a friend and head to Little Tokyo or Sawtelle. 
  • Visit Santa. You’re never too old for a photo with Saint Nick. Head to Center Plaza at Santa Monica Place and feel like a kid again as you visit his winter home. 
  • Schedule a spa day. The holidays are filled with stress and a little relaxation and rejuvenation is likely in order. Check your local area for any holiday spa specials and give yourself the gift of self-care this season.
More Sober Living Activities
At Haus Recovery, we whole-heartedly believe that sustained recovery should incorporate daily fun. To this end, we organize group activities and outings every week. To learn more, call today: 888-551-4715.