Tuesday, January 24, 2017

4 Benefits of Sharing Your Sobriety Story

In a recent article for The Fix, sober journalist, blogger, and graphic designer Beth Leipholtz writes: 

“Coming out of the sobriety closet was something I didn’t think I’d ever do in the beginning. I was ashamed of myself for even being in a situation where I had to get sober, and sharing that with the world was the last thing I wanted to do. But as time progressed, I realized how weighed down I felt by my secret.” 

Whether or not you tell people about your addiction and sobriety, of course, is a personal choice. Some may feel comfortable just telling a few close friends or family members while others may come out to everyone, like Leipholtz who posted it on Facebook. 

For Leipholtz, being honest about her sobriety was a positive experience. People were surprisingly compassionate, understanding and supportive. And sharing her experience actually helped her to remain steadfast in her recovery. Some of the benefits she talks about in the article include:
  • Less pressure to drink. “When I went out with friends, no one asked if I wanted a drink or tried to get me to partake in the night’s festivities in that sense. People knew about the choice I had made and were respectful of my decision to remain sober.”
  • Lifted burden from hiding the truth: “Carrying a secret is draining. It starts to weigh on you…but once you tell people about your sobriety, it feels as if you can breathe again.”
  • Fewer feelings of loneliness: “Once I was open about my sobriety, I found that more people than I would have ever thought had gone through something similar.”
  • Ability to give back to others. “Being able to use my own experiences for good and to give back to others has been one of the most rewarding aspects of sobriety. It is also what keeps me sober.”
Ongoing Sobriety Support at Haus Recovery
Leaving the guilt and isolation of addiction behind can open your world up to new experiences, fellowship, and empowerment. At Haus Recovery, we believe sobriety is the beginning of a fun, fulfilling, and lifelong adventure. To learn more about our sober living program, call 888-551-4715.

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