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Why is Santa Monica Such a Great Place for Early Sobriety?


Los Angeles: The Mecca of Recovery
Why People Thrive in Recovery in Los Angeles
LA is Filled With Top Addiction Clinicians
Creative & Innovative Addiction Practices
Strong History of Addiction Treatment & Recovery Community
Seeking Help for Addiction is Perceived Favorably in Los Angeles
Great Weather and Outdoor Activities
Santa Monica Is The Best Part of Los Angeles
HAUS Sober Living Home for Men & Women

The Mecca of Recovery

Southern California is an enormous melting pot of the best addiction treatment practitioners and those who are living in recovery. Southern California, and more specifically the greater LA area (including Orange County), is widely known as the ‘mecca of recovery.' This is due to a confluence of many social, historic, and natural forces. The result is that Los Angeles is simply a great place for someone in his or her first years of recovery.

Why People Thrive in Recovery in Los Angeles

  • The Most Innovative Treatment Minds in the Field are Able to Build Strong Rapport to Inspire Change
  • The Natural Beauty of Oceans, Mountains, and Forests
  • Excellent Weather Year Round allows for Uplifting Outdoor Activities
  • Incredible Variety of Fulfilling Physical and Educational Activities
  • Social Encouragement for Recovery and the Most Thriving Support Community in the World
  • The Area's Creative Spirit Inspires Unique Personal Solutions and Lasting Change

LA is Filled With the Top Addiction Clinicians

This incredible area attracts many of the most prestigious addiction treatment researchers and practitioners. Top minds in treatment gravitate here for the great weather, natural advantages, and professional opportunities. The population of 30 million people and the plethora of treatment centers ensures a strong ongoing demand for the clinician’s services. Some of the nation’s highest per capita neighborhoods are in Los Angeles, and there is a huge industry presence of Film & Television artists and professionals (not to mention that LA is a hub the music industry as well).

Creative and Innovative Addiction Practices

With many research universities like USC and UCLA in the area, much of the cutting edge work on the treatment of addiction is actually being done right here in Los Angeles. LA is known a very creative and open minded setting in the medical community, where innovation and treatment breakthroughs frequently occur.

Strong History of Addiction Treatment and Recovery Community

Some of the most pivotal turning points in the history of addiction treatment have happened in or around Los Angeles. A couple of examples:

  • The Betty Ford Clinic Opened in Palm Springs in 1982
  • Los Angeles is the Birthplace of Narcotics Anonymous

The AA Community is very strong and supportive in Los Angeles. Many compare the LA 12-step meeting culture more favorably to AA meetings in other parts of the United States, where there is so much less variety in types of meetings.

Even the most popular “alternative to AA” community (Rational Recovery) has its roots and strongest presence in Los Angeles.

Seeking Help for Addiction is Perceived Favorably in Los Angeles

In the last 20 years, there has been a revolution in the medical community’s perception of addiction as it has almost universally been accepted as a disease. As this perception gradually becomes more widely accepted in greater society, Los Angeles is one of the leading areas that displays cultural attitudes that are sympathetic to rather than judgmental of those seeking recovery.

Great Weather and Outdoor Activities

The sunny weather, which has been proven to bolster moods, allows for the entire spectrum of outdoor activities to be enjoyed. Outdoor activities (especially physical activities) really help foster change, by providing new alternatives to using and hastening the restoration of brain chemicals. Just a few of the activities located within walking distance of HAUS include:

  • Surfing
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Yoga

No matter where you are in Los Angeles, you can enjoy the sunset, but if you can get to the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica beach, then the views are even more staggering. Afterward, you can take a walk on the boardwalk and look at the shops and carnival rides on the iconic Santa Monica Pier.

Santa Monica Is The Best Part of Los Angeles

Santa Monica is such a prized location for visitors and local residents because the best of everything you could possibly need is all within Santa Monica. There is such a fun and encouraging spirit in Santa Monica, which is known for its upbeat and healthy culture. Santa Monica is the only part of Los Angeles that really feels like a European city at night, with lots of cafes, coffee shops, and the best restaurants (including at least 10 vegan eateries) open and bustling with people into the later evening.

 It is very easy to navigate the city with public transportation.  Just last year, the metro line, which connects all of Greater LA, expanded into Santa Monica, making literally the entire city within walking distance of Santa Monica.

HAUS Sober Living Home for Men & Women

HAUS is an abstinence based living environment that embodies the creative and empowered spirit of Santa Monica. We provide an impeccable setting and 24 hour support to the men and women who are living here. Haus’s philosophy is to help our residents be present and take it one step at a time. Take a tour of the facility, or contact us if you have questions about the process of admitting to HAUS.

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