Friday, April 7, 2017

Simple Steps to Spring Clean Your Mind

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be about scrubbing and reorganizing our physical environment – it can also be about clearing the clutter in our mental and emotional worlds. Spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate and reenergize in order to take on any seasonal sobriety goals.

Here are some tips to get started: 
  • Unplug for 24 hours. Too much technology can muddle your mind and make you feel anxious, stressed and depressed – and it can also mess with your sleep. Taking a 24-hour detox from technology may be just what you need to un-clutter your mind and unwind this spring.
  • Do something creative. You don’t have to be Picasso or Mozart to reap the benefits of creativity. And it doesn’t matter which medium you choose – drawing, painting, coloring, playing music, even cooking – but that you have fun and express yourself.
  • Make sure to meditate. This ancient practice has been study-proven to reduce stress and fatigue and help keep you centered, motivated and energized – all traits that can help with your recovery.
  • Put on your favorite music. Studies show that music can be a great way to stay energized or wind down – depending on the genre, of course – and results are pretty immediate. Create a spring playlist and start reaping the therapeutic benefits of music.
  • Schedule an emotional check-in with yourself. Set the alarm on your smartphone or watch to remind yourself to stop and ask yourself this question: “How am I  feeling – emotionally and physically? Just becoming more aware of your emotions can sometime be enough to keep your mind healthy.
A Healthy Day in Southern California
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