Monday, July 17, 2017

Are You Living With Intention?

Chances are you woke up this morning with a mental to-do list – pick up the dry cleaning, go grocery shopping, schedule a work meeting, pay the utility bill – but have you thought about what’s important to you or how you want to feel, think and live? 

One of the many benefits of pursuing a life free of addiction is that you have more time, energy and emotional resources to start living your life with intention. 

What Does Living With Intention Mean?
Living with intention means different things to different people. In general, however, it can mean being an active participant in your life and seizing each day to the fullest. 

By living with intention, you’ll:
  • Break free of the thoughts from our past.
  • Be open to change.
  • Be mindful and kind and present. 
  • Learn what’s important to you. 
  • Be connected to your intuition. 
  • Live by your own values and needs.
  • Be authentic.
Here are a few ways to start using those life skills learned in rehab to live a new sober life with intention: 
  • Uncover your values. Take time to really think about what’s important to you and what values you want to instill in your daily life. Living your life with self-acceptance, health and gratitude, for instance, will make it a lot easier to make smart, sober daily decisions.
  • Consider how you’d like to improve your health. Would you like to eat more vegetables or build more muscle? Or, maybe you need to work on how you handle stress? Especially for those in recovery, taking care of your physical and emotional self is an essential part of living life with intention.
  • Visualize your life in 5, 10 and 20 years. Take a few minutes to think about how you want to live or what type of person you’d like to become. Write it down so you can add to it or adjust it as your goals develop and change. 
  • Take a small step forward. What can you do today to prepare yourself for the person you want to be a year from now? What’s one action that will move you closer to your career of family goals? Consider working with an addiction recovery specialist to map out these steps. 
A Healthier Lifestyle With Deeper Purpose
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