Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How to Develop Emotional Intelligence in Recovery

A big part of building a sober life is being able to recognize and regulate your own emotions, while also empathizing with others – and this, in a nutshell, is having emotional intelligence (EQ). 

EQ can help you better manage relationships (leading to a strong support system) and reduce stress and anxiety (both common relapse triggers). What’s more, EQ can help you as you reenter the workplace. 

The good news is that EQ can be developed with practice – and you can start today! 
  • Take time to reflect. Jot down your strengths, weaknesses, triggers, values, goals, etc. Doing this regularly will make you more familiar with you and, in turn, better able to regulate your emotions. 
  • Make a point to be mindful. Learning to observe your thoughts and feelings, without judgment, will decrease the odds of your being unknowingly sideswiped by any negative emotions.
  • Practice not reacting. Part of having a high EQ is learning to respond (not react) to situations. Make an effort to slow down and ask yourself: “Why am I feeling/doing this?” This will help you develop emotional regulation. 
  • Take a walk in someone’s shoes. Emotionally intelligent people are skilled in empathy. Make an effort to walk in the shoes of someone else or to really imagine how you would feel in a given situation. Being empathetic helps you connect more strongly with others and can even teach you more about you. 
  • Celebrate optimism. You likely know the power of positivity and you can add better relationships and greater resilience against negative emotions to the list. Plus, the more you pay attention to positive emotions, the more likely they’ll resurface as a result. Practicing gratitude and journaling are great activities to help you see the bright side of life. 
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